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About DesignByMoonlight and Steve Ferrier
DesignByMoonlight began in Corvallis, Oregon in 2005, when my per­son­al visits to shops around town began to bring in my first cus­to­mers. These personal visits around the Willa­mette Valley have been my primary way of connecting with customers ever since. (You can watch for my little purple-and-white DesignByMoonlight truck around your city: I do visit most towns in the Valley. There's unfortunately no prize for spotting it.)

You should find my services well-suited to you if you're a one-person home-based bus­i­ness or a small shop, perhaps family-run, per­haps with a few employees.

I work hard to pro­vide
  • the right mix of solid website quality
  • a good design eye
  • a dash of OCD just to get all the details perfect
  • insightful integration of your website with your bus­i­ness
  • quick re­sponse when you need to contact me
  • a friendly attitude
  • strong coding and other tech­ni­cal ex­per­tise (so you don't have to be the expert)
  • clear and useful trou­ble­shoot­ing ex­plan­a­tions and help
  • and finally, un­com­pro­mis­ing integrity.
Hey, what's not to like?

Possibly-Asked Questions
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How long will it take for me to get my website?
Generally, at least a few days. Obviously, the more complicated the process of getting or taking photos or video of your shop, products, staff or other subjects, the longer it will take. Similarly, if the design review process ends up involving a lot of changes, that will add to the time required to complete the site.
Do you build mobile sites or apps?
Yes, I build mobile sites, but I don't build apps. You should have a mobile website, but I recommend you also measure your website per­form­ance to determine how many visitors actually use mobile devices.
Do you provide hosting?
No, I don't have in-house hosting. I do have a longstanding re­la­tion­ship with a good small-business web hosting company that I can rec­om­mend to any client who doesn't already have a favorite hosting service.
What design tools do you use, and why?
I design my customers' websites by hand, and here's why. At its heart, a website is a computer program. Almost all computer pro­grams are written by people, with one increasingly big exception: websites. Websites are now often composed, not by designer-developers like me, but by other computer programs. That's what's happening when a designer uses Wordpress or Joomla to create your site. Since I'm already a de­sign­er-de­vel­oper, I don't want or need to de­le­gate the creation of your website to a computer pro­gram. That's why I design the site myself, and write all the website code personally with very few exceptions.
So do you work with CMS's like Wordpress and Joomla?
No. (Might as well get that cleared up right here.) But you won't have any trouble finding website design companies to build a site in a CMS for you. Just be aware of three things: 1) Some design companies use the CMS for their con­ven­ience, not yours, so be sure they train you in it; 2) Every CMS trades ca­pa­bil­ity for con­ven­ience, so expect not to be able to do every­thing you want to do in your design (that, well, um, I could do for you easi­ly...), and 3) expect to devote time to running the CMS, since main­tain­ing a website can't be simplified much even using a CMS.
Can you work with my site that's already in a CMS?
The answer to that is happily yes. But you'll need to decide whether you're willing to have me extract it from the CMS and return it to service in the web's native languages that I mentioned above. I do this routinely for cus­to­mers. They are just as routinely pleased with the results, especially when they can finally do exactly what they wanted to do with their website.
After you've built my site, can I edit it myself?
Absolutely. Making your site editable is an easy job for today's web languages, and doesn't take the huge code overhead that comes with content management systems. In fact, changing updatable text is as easy as typing the new wording over the old right in your browser. Up­dating selected images is just an upload, generally with no need for resizing beforehand. An added advantage is that unlike a CMS such as Wordpress or Joomla, your overall design is protected from accidental damage or outright era­sure, which I've seen happen more than once when the person using the CMS is not an ex­peri­enced user.
How much does a new website from you cost?
It's always risky to give costs online, since it keeps some people from even asking for a proposal. Please request a quote – you could be very pleasantly surprised. That said, costs for a small-business site typically run about $1500, but range from a low of about $600 to as high as $4000 depending on the amount of content, number of pages, custom coding time, and so on. Mid-size business sites can go higher. Again, I'd be happy to give you an estimate: just contact me.
How much do you charge per month after my site is done?
Unless I do additional work for you, here's my flat monthly rate after your design is done: $0. That's a zero with infinitely many zeroes after it. Furthermore, you should expect to pay less than $10/month for hosting. If you've gotten a free or cheap website, and they're going to host you for $50, $100, $200 or more per month forever without doing anything else for you, it's at minimum a bad deal. You'll be serious money ahead in the long run by just paying up front for a quality design from a reputable designer and placing it in a standard hosting site. Do the math.
So are any of your other services charged monthly?
Yes, I do charge monthly for the optional Web Presence Man­age­ment (WPM) service after your website is complete, since this provides ongoing data and data interpretation to your business. WPM analyzes your web traffic for the month, correlates it with your business metrics and marketing initiatives, recommends any changes to the website or possibly to business strategies or tac­tics, and builds a long-term connection between your website's visitor data and company marketing decisions.
Call me at 541-286-3082, email me, or use the contact form to reach me and discuss your website needs. I'll show you how DesignByMoonlight can provide you with a beautiful search-engine-optimized, customer-decision-optimized website that works.
Steve Ferrier
DesignByMoonlight Website Services
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