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Some DesignByMoonlight specialty services to help your web presence stay up, stand out and steer customers to you:
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When your website goes down, you may not dis­cov­er it for days. Di­ag­nos­tic Ser­vice Check­ing (DSC) tests daily to make sure your home page is up. Tier 2 also tests weekly for broken outgoing & other links and backs up served pages. Tier 3 adds a daily file tampering / hack test for all pages.
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Visitor Viewpoint Con­trol (VVC) puts the website vi­si­tor in con­trol of the view of pro­duct or show­room. Follow the image links for examples. (Best viewed from a desktop.)
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I design custom code for my clients to provide functions such as web display of upcoming mobile service truck locations.
Portfolio 3
I also provide full-service DVD video production, including topic research, interviewing, multi-camera video capture, postproduction, labeling and shipping, or any subset of these operations.
Call me at 541-286-3082, use the con­tact form, or email me at DesignByMoonlight to learn more about cus­tom cod­ing so­lu­tions as well as Di­ag­nos­tic Ser­vice Check­ing, Vis­i­tor View­point Con­trol imag­ing, graph­ic de­sign for ad­ver­tis­ing, and our DVD vid­eo ser­vi­ces.

And re­mem­ber, don't just build a web­site, take ad­van­tage of our Web Pre­sence Man­age­ment ser­vi­ces to build a web­site that works.
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