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"I don't even know whe­ther my web­site is get­ting vi­si­ted. I de­fi­nite­ly don't sense a flood of busi­ness from it."

The Web con­tin­ues to evolve dra­mati­cal­ly, and small busi­ness web­site pro­duc­tiv­ity has de­clined lately. Not only is it hard­er to stay vi­si­ble in search en­gines, but your web­site must com­pete with so­cial me­dia and other pop­u­lar web des­ti­na­tions.

So to help your web­site bet­ter con­trib­ute to your suc­cess, Design­By­Moonlight has de­vel­oped Web Pres­ence Man­age­ment (WPM).

Here's how WPM works.
WPM measures your site's actual performance, then helps it deliver results for your business and respect for your visitors.
You expect your website to work for you, to present your business and products to the world. But where is the data from visitors to your site to tell you whether your website gets enough visits to be useful?

WPM will get it for you.
The experts say that every business needs a mobile site. I'm among them. But where is the data from visitors to your site to tell you how many visitors are actually even using mobile devices?

WPM will tell you exactly.
(I love this one.)
You've installed a free analytics tool from, well, some gigantic corporation. But where is the data from visitors to your site ... oh, wait. You got it, but so did a bunch of advertisers, without your visitors' permission.

WPM keeps your visitors' data safely on your own server.
DesignByMoonlight's Web Pre­sence Man­age­ment tools com­bine in-house pre­ci­sion-co­ded web ana­ly­tics pro­grams with prac­ti­cal, spe­cif­ic, busi­ness-sav­vy meth­ods and stra­te­gies to get the most out of your web pre­sence.
Here are just some of the possibilities with Web Presence Management tools:
PGT Analytics
  • Measure ad & promotion response
  • Measure interest in each product
  • Measure product line seasonality
  • Protect visitors' data from others
  • Avoid personally-identifiable info
  • Find underserved markets
Customer Decision Optimization
  • Help bypass search bottleneck
  • Prevent loss of SEO's benefits
  • Help improve site competitiveness
  • Disperse your brand exhaustively
  • Eliminate barriers to purchases
  • Improve visitors' impressions
Web-to-Marketing Connect
  • Adjust your website for better sales
  • Build clearer customer categories
  • Find & remove purchase barriers
  • Time promotions more successfully
  • Select ad media by geography
  • Use high-quality data in planning
If your website's productivity needs to improve, or if you just want to know more, call me at 541-286-3082, use the contact form, or email me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Re­mem­ber, don't just build a web­site, take ad­van­tage of our Web Presence Management services to build a web­site that works.
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