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Some DesignByMoonlight specialty services to help your web presence stay up, stand out and steer customers to you:
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When your website goes down, you may not dis­cov­er it for days. Di­ag­nos­tic Ser­vice Check­ing (DSC) tests daily to make sure your home page is up. Tier 2 also tests weekly for broken outgoing & other links and backs up served pages. Tier 3 adds a daily file tampering / hack test for all pages.
Services 4
I design custom code for my clients to provide functions such as web display of upcoming mobile service truck locations.
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Visitor Viewpoint Con­trol (VVC) puts the website vi­si­tor in con­trol of the view of pro­duct or show­room. Click these images for examples.
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My custo­mers use my graphic design ser­vi­ces for design and production of print ad and both static and ani­ma­ted online GIF ad­ver­ti­sing im­ages.
Services 8
DesignByMoonlight provides full-service DVD video production, including topic research, interviewing, multi-camera video capture, postproduction, labeling and shipping, or any subset of these operations.
When a need arose at my church for a tool that would quickly and professionally display candi­date exterior paint color schemes, the result was so useful that I've made it available commercial­ly. DesignByMoonlight's Color Visualization Tool lets the user select individual building zone col­ors, then shows the result within a few seconds.

Setup is as easy as providing a digital picture, then marking the build­ing's different color zones on a special web page displaying your picture. We take care of all the rest. When we're done, you can "try on" any number of color schemes on­line, collaborate with others on your painting deci­sions, and even save colors for later review.

Visit our CVT Demo page to try this cool tool out for yourself, and contact us for more information.
Call me at 541-286-3082, use the contact form, or email me at DesignByMoonlight to learn more about

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